Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tablets, and why you shouldn't be cheap.

This  is a long story that takes me back.  When I was first riding to work I discovered that the 15" laptop was no longer a good thing.  So I checked the market for small laptops that would fit on the back of the bike and do everything I needed them to do.  During my research, I chanced upon the Asus Transformer 300.  A great little tablet with fantastic battery life, and a Keyboard.
Do not ever underestimate the power of a keyboard.  They transform a tablet from being a content consuming device, to being a content creation device.

Yes there were a whole bunch of compromises.  I found myself using simple word processors rather than Microsoft Office.  And found for my requirements, they worked just fine.  Browsing was a doddle, and games were small, not as immersive but fun.

The decision to move to a smaller laptop was a good one for me.  

Anyways.  A couple of years later, and the tablet supplier decided that they would end support for new software.  This left me with the choice of running stock software or playing around with flashing it myself to cyanogenmod.

I chose the latter being the good geek I am and had some mixed success.  But one lesson I will give you for free.

The GApps module that says nano really means, You will have to uninstall all the Google Apps and reinstall them to make them work.  Save time and panic.  Get the larger one and then just do the upgrade.

Look out for more scripting nonsense later today.

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