Tuesday, October 20, 2015

App-V stole my shortcuts!

Being quite new to the App-V packaging world, I ran into an issue that I figured I'd share so others can

  1. Laugh at how silly I am, and
  2. Help out others in the same predicament
I was packaging up an application using Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer and all was good.  All the pieces from the MSI I was using were dropping into the correct place.  "Happy" thought I.  "I shall have this package ready for testing by luncheon today"

I install it onto a clean machine, and all is right with the world.  So I publish via the publisher.

I get the advertised icons on my start menu.  But do they do anything?  Nooooooo.  Badness.

I spend a while Google problem, try random fix, hope.

Anyways what I had not done was edited the package in the sequencer, gone into the Advanced Tab and ticked the boxes
  • Allow all named objects to interact with the local system
  • Allow all COM objects to interact with the local system
  • Allow virtual applications full write permissions to the virtual file system
Save, Publish and Happiness.

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